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Butterfly Room – Pre-school

Between 2 and 3 years old your child will move in to our pre-school room. The children are encouraged and supported to learn how to become independent and resilient. With a strong emphasis on getting them prepared for ‘Big school’. Our lovely team are there to support them and teach them over the seven areas of learning within the EYFS.

Each week we concentrate on one area;

Physical development



Understanding the world

Exploring media and materials

Every week we incorporate personal social and emotional development and Communication and language.

Activities are set up daily to stretch their learning by creating exciting and inviting activities.

Cocoon Room – Toddlers

Between the ages of one and two the children move into the toddler room. This room is small and only hold up to 8 children at one time.

The toddler staff work together with the other rooms to make transitions easier for the children. 

As with the pre-school room the children are taught over seven areas of learning having a week of each over every half term. 



Caterpillar Room – Babies

Both full and part time care is offered to babies from around 3 months of age. The staff to babies ratio is maintained at a good level at all times enabling us to give the dimension of consideration that all guardians will know that their kids request at this age.
Babies that come to Cloud Factory will make the most of our delicate play zone and will have access to a wide range of resources, which has been especially suited to the requirements of the babies.